Dream Ami wears colorful outfits in the retro-inspired MV for “Good Goodbye”

dream ami good goodbye

Dream Ami wears colorful outfits in the retro-inspired MV for Good Goodbye.

Out now digitally, the track will be included in her 8th single which will be released on March 13th.

The song Good Goodbye will be used as the theme song for the movie based on the anime Eiiga no Osomatsu-san.

You know what’s been missing? An 80-inspired song packed full of colorful outfits that features a popular J-pop singer. It’s a very specific request, but thankfully that’s exactly what we get in the latest Dream Ami MV.

Taking place in one of the most colorful sets in the world, we get to see as Ami dresses up in a variety of unique and colorful outfits. It’s pretty basic so far, but what sets this MV apart is the fact that it looks like a one-shot MV. There are some amazing effects used to make it seem like there are 6 Dream Ami characters, with each scene flowing nicely into the other.

It’s not only impressive visually, since the song Good Goodbye has a catchy, slow beat that is sure to make fans happy. Yes, the title is a bit concerning but it’s a song that has a hopeful and positive feel to it. It’s definitely a song that you will want to listen to when you’re in the mood to relax.

Make sure to check out the MV below and enjoy all of the visual effects they used!

Good Goodbye
Dream Ami

dream ami good goodbye cover


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