NMB48 release coupling MVs for their 20th single

nmb48 tokonoma seiza musume

NMB48 have released MVs for all of their coupling track from their 20th single titled Tokonoma Seiza Musume.

Out February 20th, the single will be released in 5 editions.

Oh boy, get ready for this batch of MVs since they are a treat!

Yake Bokkui
NMB48 Team N / Type A exclusive

Need some funk in your life? Yake Bokkui has a funky instrumental to it that works perfectly as the members all dance in pretty epic black outfits. It’s the cool song of the batch and you can tell since the vocals and instrumental work perfectly to create a dance-able song for fans to enjoy.

The lighting is a bit of a miss, especially compared to the rest of the MVs but the theme is done well so it’s easy to overlook this. The scenes of the members holding random objects is also a big plus since it’s so random that you have no idea what the next shot is going to include.

Uso wo Tsuku Riyuu
NMB48 Team M / Type B exclusive

Next up we have Uso wo Tsuku Riyuu where we get to see a song packed full of odd tempos and a lot of sleeping. It’s a unique theme and one that makes for a rather unique release that sets it apart from the rest of the songs. The rushed vocals are not exactly my cup of tea but it works nicely once you get used to it.

It’s a ballad as well, so the scenes of the members as they sleep add in a sense of fantasy and dreams to the video, even as the members slowly wake up near the end. It’s a bit on the simple side, but hey, those scenes have brilliant lighting which is always a plus.

NMB48 Team BII / Type C exclusive

Need something to wake you up from that calm song? Well, Update is sure to do the trick. It’s a relatively upbeat song with a variety of scenes showing off the members as they hold flowers and sing while wearing blue dresses. In fact, if you’re a fan of the color blue you will feel right at home since there is literally blue everywhere.

The adorable dance moves and the song both combine to form a truly wonderful MV. This is definitely worth a watch!

Pink Iro no Sekai
Shiroma Miru, Ota Yuuri, Yoshida Akari, Shibuya Nagisa, Murase Sae, Yamamoto Ayaka, Umeyama Cocona, Jonishi Rei

Finally, we have the rather relaxing and simple MV for Pink Iro no Sekai. It doesn’t have complicated scenes, instead using scenes of the members as they sing in what appears to be a parking garage to the happy beat. Add in some random scenes of them out and about while dancing under colorful sheets and you have yourself a delightful MV to enjoy packed with bright scenes.

Overall, a nice batch that has an epic use of lighting (except for Yake Bokkui), but well worth a watch for those interested. We have only one track missing, Amai Mousoi which is the coupling track for all of the singles. What will it turn out like? Time will tell, for now check out the MVs above and grab a copy of that single below!

nmb48 tokonoma seiza cover type a
Type A


nmb48 tokonoma seiza cover type b
Type B


nmb48 tokonoma seiza cover type c
Type C


nmb48 tokonoma seiza cover type d
Type D


nmb48 tokonoma seiza cover theater