Tsuri Bit say farewell by dancing on a roof for their final MV “Prima Stella”

tsuribit prima stella

Tsuri Bit say farewell by dancing on a roof in the MV for their 11th and final single titled Prima Stella.

Out March 6th, the single will be released in 2 editions.

Tsuri Bit are dissolving, and to celebrate their last release we get to enjoy a beautifully made MV where we get to see the members as they do what all the other popular idol groups do: dance on rooftops.

It’s a ballad from beginning to end, but those rooftop scenes are beautifully made. The lighting is just right, and the dancing is done well, giving us the perfect MV to enjoy as we say goodbye to this talented group.

Some might say that it’s a bit too simple, but getting to enjoy the members without any added distractions is always nice. We can enjoy that even more in the scenes where the members wear dresses and sing to the camera while the sun sets behind them. It’s a fantastic way to end the MV and one that is sure to make you wipe away a tear or two.

While I didn’t follow the group as closely as I wanted to, Tsuri Bit are one of those groups that you can’t help but enjoy when you’re listening to them. They have a fantastic variety of songs to enjoy, with Prima Stella being the perfect song to say goodbye to thanks to its slow beat. What else can I say apart from thank you, thank you for everything Tsuri Bit!

Prima Stella
Tsuri Bit

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