Juice=Juice’s Miyazaki Yuka To Release Mini-PB

Juice=Juice Miyazaki Yuka Greeting PB

Juice=Juice has announced that Miyazaki Yuka will be releasing a mini-PB titled Miyazaki Yuka – Greeting Photobook –.

The PB will be based on her Greeting DVD and will be released April 2.

While it might not be a full PB, it seems like a nice way to spotlight and give her some attention (most likely due to a positive reaction to her solo DVD). Of course, not much info is known at the moment but we should be getting this PB in a matter of days (with a bonus photo as well).

Thankfully, the PB is available on CDJapan so fans who want to get one are in luck. Make sure to get your copy since it seems like a great release!

e-Lineup | CDJapan