Billie Idle “Douse Kieteshimau Inochi nara…” MV Released

Billie Idle 4 in 1 Official Bootleg Cover

Billie Idle has released the MV for the track titled Douse Kieteshimau Inochi Nara…

Releasing April 6th, this track is part of their upcoming EP titled 4 in 1 “THE OFFICIAL BOOTLEG”. Each member of the group wrote the lyrics for one of the songs:

  1. Kuwaresou  – Momose Momo
  2. Koi no Magical Vibration – First Summer Uika
  3. by – Yasui Yuuhi
  4. Douse Kieteshimau Inochi Nara… featuring First Summer Uika, Kamiya Saki, Tentenko, and Michibayashi Rio – Nozomi Hirano

As a fan of BiS, it was definitely a nice surprise to see Hirano Nozomi in an MV with her former group members Tentenko, Michibayashi Rio, Kamiya Saki, and even First Summer Uika.

Sure, it might only be a slight cameo at first but the fact that they helped out with the vocals as well was a nice touch.

The song itself is on the ballad side with a fun theme: dominoes. Instead of singing and dancing we get to see Nozomi set up dominoes to form an interesting image at the end that is well worth a look for fans of the group.

Make sure to check out the MV since the song and visuals are some of the best from Billie Idle!

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