Takahashi Minami’s Graduation Venue Announced, Date Postponed

Takahashi Minami

AKB48’s Takahashi Minami’s graduation venue has been revealed to be Yokohama Stadium.

Previously, we didn’t know what the venue would be but thankfully fans can finally start planning their trips. Yokohama Stadium, from what I recall, is quite a decent venue. Sure, it’s not Budokan, but it’s definitely a perfect place for her to perform alongside the group.

Alongside that, the actual date of graduation has also been changed to April 8, her 25th birthday, at the AKB48 Akihabara Theater. Of course, I imagine her activities will reduce until that date but it’s nice to see that we have a week more with her as part of the group.

Her graduation concert will be on March 26 – 27, and her final theater performance will be on April 8.

Source: Oricon.jp Site

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