Morning Musume ’16 New Member Auditions Announced

Morning Musume 16 Auditions

Morning Musume ’16 have announced the start of new member auditions titled Morning Musume。16 Shinseiki Audition for their 13th generation.

The auditions are looking for members around 10 to 17 years old, with further details such as dates and audition locations being announced soon.

With the graduation of Sayashi Riho, new members are definitely needed for this iconic idol group. Sure, Fukumura Mizuki is doing an amazing job as the leader, and all the members are solid, but having some new members can definitely help them become an even more solid group.

Momusu fans such as myself fondly remember the excitement generated with each audition. It seems like just yesterday as we saw the audition for the 9th generation where Sayashi Riho, Fukumura Mizuki, Ishida Ayumi, and Suzuki Kanon were added.

The excitement as we rooted for each member, the sadness as talented girls were eliminated. It’s a perfect way to see just what talent we’ll get to enjoy with our next generation.

So far no other info has been revealed, but it seems like we will be seeing the new member(s) being added around Summer or Fall.

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