Ciao Bella Cinquetti “Doushiyo, Watashi” MV Released

Ciao Bella Cinquetti

Ciao Bella Cinquetti has released the MV for their song titled Doushiyo, Watashi.

The song is half of their double a-side single, with the other track being titled Ichigo Ichie. There will be four regular versions and a limited edition with a bonus DVD.

Fans of THE Possible are definitely in for a treat, as well as fans of Fukuda Kanon since the song was written by the former ANGERME member. The beat is strong and fast with a catchy style that is sure to have you dancing.

Having taken a short break from the J-pop scene I was unaware at first that THE Possible had rebranded themselves, but I’m happy to see that their amazing style is still intact. Sure, the song won’t receive the praise it deserves, but it’s certainly among the catchiest songs I’ve heard so far.

Thankfully, you won’t have to replay the Youtube video in a loop since the song is available right now on iTunes worldwide!

Release is set for January 27, so make sure to get a copy since there are more than enough copies left for fans to enjoy!

Ciao Bella Cinquetti CDJapan | Doushiyo, Watashi iTunes Store