Rev.from DVL Team Up With Calpis For Rev.for TEENZ

rev.from dvl Teenz Calpis

Rev.from DVL have teamed up with Calpis to form a special unit in Vietnam titled Rev.for TEENZ.

The unit have revealed the MV for their song titled ngọt mà chua chua mà ngọt which is the CM song for a product from Calpis called TEENZ.

It’s interesting to see idol groups performing in Vietnam, but I am loving the way they combined lyrics in English, Vietnamese, and Japanese to form a catchy song.

Sure, the unit might be used only for promotional purposes but the mix of scenes of the members as they go around sharing the power that is Calpis’s TEENZ is just a treat.

Looking to pass a test? Don’t study! Drink Calpis TEENZ and you’ll pass! Also, your entire class will go outside and dance alongside some idols who can float through the sky.

Check out the song since it’s a cute and interesting bonus for fans of Rev.from DVL!

Calpis TEENZ Facebook | Rev.from DVL OHP