Oda Sakura “Sakura Moyou” PB Covers Released

The covers for Morning Musume 16’s Oda Sakura PB titled  Sakura Moyou have been released.

Releasing May 27th, this PB will be her 1st solo release and will be released under Wani Books.

While Oda might be in the background at times, I’m happy to see that she is getting the attention she deserves with her 1st solo PB and so far I’m loving the covers.

Sure, they might be the traditional bikini shots but the addition of a casual top in the Amazon cover is a plus. Adding in to the fact that she will be wearing seifuku, tennis outfits, and more it seems like a must have for fans of the group.

The covers alone and her bright smile are definitely making her among my favorite members in Momusu, so I highly recommend you get a copy of the PB!