Country Girls’ Inaba Manaka Announces Hiatus Due To Health

Country Girls Inaba Manaka

Country Girls have announced that Inaba Manaka will be taking a break from the group due to chronic asthma.

According to the details, it seems like she has suffered from chronic asthma since childhood and it has recently flared up again. The break will last until summer, and will not attend any concerts, events, or performances during this period.

Due to this, the recent Osaka performance of Kizetsu Suruhodo Aishiteru!, will be cancelled so if you were planning on attending that performance you can receive a full refund until May 30th.

Having asthma myself, I can relate to Inaba and how hard it is to be expected to have normal idol duties while juggling not being able to breathe well.

Hopefully once the allergy season is gone through and she has some time to get treatment she can feel good enough to perform once more.

Please continue to support Inaba Manaka and Country Girls!

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    1. She does seem to be okay, I imagine it has to do with the different climate after she moved to Tokyo which really affects people with asthma. Hopefully she’ll be back soon!

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