AKB48 | “Halloween Night” Review

Halloween Night

Disco. In a way, it is a nice surprise since I didn’t expect to hear that theme on a Halloween inspired track but you could argue that disco has now become a staple of the season with at least one person dressing up in an afro. It is a bit laid back, invoking a more relaxed party atmosphere. The description from the official video mentions that they want to revive disco with this song and while it might a bit difficult I do appreciate the sound since it meshes J-pop and Disco quite well.

The MV itself is the best part, with many people dancing the night away and showing off their moves. The spirit of Halloween is just having fun and enjoying a night of costumes so I’m very happy with how the video came out.

Sayonara Surfboard (Type A/B)

J-pop with a solid electronic sound. Definitely loving the catchy sound and of course with the summer coming to an end it’s the perfect song to play while the cold chill of fall arrives. As expected the MV shows off a more summer theme with everyone having fun with a sunset lighting, perfect way to complement the song.

Mizu no Naka no Dendouritsu (Type C/D)

Not that impressed with the song but it does have its moments. A bit laid back with a simple electronic sound, but the vocals are nice and solid for a coupling song. To me, the highlight is definitely the MV since it has a water theme that goes well with the title of the song.

Kimi ni Wedding Dress wo … (Type A)

Ballad. Nice and relaxing as the title implies, so fans will be grateful to see that the vocals are the highlight. Nothing too catchy but a nice way to round off the release. The MV on the other hand seems to be oriented like a drama, not that exciting but it does its job to show off a wedding dress.

Kimi Dake ga Akimeiteita (Type B)

This I like, quite a nice departure from the laid back sounds from the rest of the songs that we have on the releases so far. When I picture someone saying J-pop this song will definitely come to mind. It won’t win any prizes for catchiest song in the world but I can picture myself listening to this song while it rains outside.

The MV itself is a bit more weird since it has the members going on a road trip with a bus conductor. The highlight from what I can see is the heart with the locks and the members breaking the locks, possibly showing a cute way of how they are all showing off their feelings? Regardless it is a perfect laid back theme that matches the song well.

Ippome Ondo (Type C)

It doesn’t get more Japanese than this. Yukatas, cute girls, and a matsuri all combine to form the perfect backdrop for the song. In a way the song is catchy and traditional so that’s definitely the theme and I love how it was done with all of the instruments matching well with the voices. The MV is the main highlight though, with all of the members dancing around the stage.

Yankee Machine Gun (Type D)

This song is the only one without an MV on the official AKB48 Youtube page and it seems to be due to it being the theme song for a series. Regardless the song itself is basically a mash of James Bond and it works surprisingly well. Since it was chosen to be the theme song for a series I am already imagining that the content has to be related in some way to spies. Solid song choice, a bit bland but it serves its purpose.