Okumura Nonoka To Graduate From Niji no Conquistador

niji no conquistador okumura nonoka

Okumura Nonoka has announced that she will be graduating from Niji no Conquistador.

In her graduation message she mentions how when she joined the group her only goal was to be an idol. As time went on she started to think about her future and how there are several things in life that she wants to experience and accomplish. She then decided to leave the group in order to complete those goals.

Her graduation is set for January 8th, 2018 at Niji no Conquistador’s concert titled 2018 NEW YEAR RE[set1273/start1274] at Tokyo Akasaka BLITZ.

There will also be a birthday event for her earlier on the same day titled Nono Matsuri ~Okumura Nonoka Seitan Kinen Fes~. Nonoka mentions to fans that they should keep their schedules open that day in order to go to both events.

Okumura has only been part of the group for around 3 years, but in that time she has managed to be the center for several of the group’s performances. It might be due to her fun personality or her unique voice, but she has managed to leave quite the mark on Nijicon.

But, her life is more important than just Nijicon and the fact that she has decided to accomplish her goals is admirable. Thank you for everything and best of luck Nonotan!

Nijicon fans, make sure to go to her final performance!

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