Oyasumi Hologram hang out on a beach in the dreamy MV for “Last Scene”

oyasumi hologram last scene

Oyasumi Hologram hang out on a beach in the dreamy MV for their digital single titled Last Scene.

Out now, the single is available on iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify.

Last Scene is also part of their 5th album album titled 5, which will be coming out on May 29th. The album will also contain a collaboration with the guitarist for Bloc Party.

After getting a brilliant April Fool’s joke in the form of a metal idol unit, we go back to the dreamy music that Oyasumi Hologram are amazing at. This time, the duo get to sing on a beach while they follow a guy as he finds a couple of color-coded glass containers on a beach.

It’s a cryptic MV, with the two playfully taking the glass containers from the guy as he tries to grab them back and then disappears. The random guy scene aside, there are also a variety of scenes of the members as they walk down a road and lay on a beach. Simple, but it works well.

Last Scene is delightfully dreamy, with a relaxing beat that shows off the vocals from Oyasumi Hologram perfectly. It might be a tad too relaxing for some, but the steady beat and the vocals work well with the many scenes of the beach we get to enjoy throughout.

It’s a confusing MV, but well worth a watch if you want to chill. Also, grab that single below to show your support!

Last Scene
Oyasumi Hologram

oyasumi hologram last scene

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