Hiiragi Rio “BANZAI! BANZAI!” MV Released

Hiirago Rio Banzai! Banzai! Cover Type F
Type F

Hiiragi Rio has released the MV for her upcoming single titled BANZAI! BANZAI!

Releasing April 6th, this single will be released in 4 regular versions, with 2 limited Editions:

  • Type A (Limited) – DVD with her 17-song live at Zepp Diver City
  • Type B (Limited) – DVD – MV and Making Of
  • Type C (Regular) – C/w titled Aizou Distopia
  • Type D (Regular) – C/w titled Please be mine
  • Type E (Regular) – C/w titled Sakura Conflict
  • Type F (Regular) – C/w titled AWAKE

Most idols nowadays have a laid back pop sound that has become common among many groups, but thankfully Hiiragi Rio is here to show off that there are still catchy, upbeat idol songs for everyone to enjoy.

Sure, the song might be a bit too upbeat, but the energy of the song is just perfect to start the day off with.

Full of color, cuteness, and random scenes that will make your wota heart spin. It’s an MV well worth for fans of fun idols!