lyrical school “RUN and RUN” Smartphone MV Released

lyrical school Run and Run

lyrical school have released a smartphone MV for their upcoming single titled RUN and RUN.

Releasing April 27th,  the single will be available in a Regular and Limited edition.

  1. RUN and RUN
  2. Lyrical School no Uta
  3. brand new day 2016 (Only available in Limited Editions)
  4. S.T.A.G.E. 2016 (Only Available in Limited Editions)
  5. RUN and RUN (Instrumental)
  6. リリスクのうた (Instrumental)

I love creative MVs and that’s a big part of why idol music is my favorite. We get to enjoy colorful MVs with upbeat songs, and while some might be a bit too repeated I love it when a group such as lyrical school show us something unique.


The scenes of the members Facetiming, sending messages, and taking over your phone while tweeting out random photos is something that gets you into the MV (I clicked on a message thinking it was real … not ashamed).

Of course, those without iPhones might be a bit confused by the change in OS, but it’s nonetheless a cute MV with a nice rap beat that could work perfectly as an ad for Apple.

It’s a must see MV, so make sure to check it out on your smartphone (iPhone preferably)!

Regular | Limited