Yumemiru Adolescence “Oshiete Schrödinger” MV Released

Yumemiru Adolescence Oshiete Schrodinger

Yumemiru Adolescence have released the MV for their upcoming single titled Oshiete Schrödinger.

Releasing April 27th, the song is one half of their double a-sided single alongside Fantastic Parade which will be available in 7 editions: Regular, Limited, as  well as solo covers for each member.

As the title suggests, the single has a theme relating to the infamous Schrodinger experiment. How can idols and a boxed cats mix? Quite well actually, if the idols are dressed as cats and appear in a nightclub where people come back from the dead to bust some moves.

Is the concept weird? Yes, but the song is cute and has a quirky theme that fans will remember for a long time because of how unique it is. Not many idol MVs exist where you get to see the members dance alongside zombie nightclub patrons.

As for the song itself, it’s somewhat average in terms of idol sounds but it has a solid beat that is sure to please fans and is a must see because of the weird but fun theme.

Make sure to check out the MV!