Cheeky Parade and GEM Members To Study Abroad

Cheeky Parade Yamamoto Suzuki GEM Takeda

From Left to Right: Yamamoto Marin, Suzuki Mariya, Takeda Maaya

Cheeky Parade’s Yamamoto Marin and Suzuki Mariya alongside GEM’s Takeda Maaya have announced that they will be taking a hiatus from their respective groups to study abroad in Los Angeles for 2 years.

This announcement was done at their performance at iDOL Street Carnival 2016 ~Shinsun! Kaiun Uta-Matsuri!~. According to all of the members responses they all mentioned their desire to come back to Cheeky Parade and GEM, most notably Marin mentioned she wanted to come back with many experiences overseas.

Their last performance will be on June 25th, so it seems like we’ll have plenty of time to enjoy their singing before the break. Of course, as a fan this must be heavy news but education comes first and having the opportunity to study abroad is a great goal to have.

We’ll be looking forward to their come back, but until then please support Yamamoto, Suzuki, and Takeda!

Source: Cheeky Parade OHP | GEM OHP


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