GEM “Fine! ~fly for the future~” MV Released

GEM fine fly future Cover Regular

GEM has released the MV for their upcoming single titled Fine! ~fly for the future~.

Releasing March 23rd, this single was announced quite some time ago and thankfully we now have most of the info out for fans to enjoy.

This single will be out in 11 limited editions, so there will be many options. Naturally they feature the members in solo shots, but they will be only available at events.

There will be solo shots for the members and a group shot included with every member edition. The main standout part of this single is that there is only one song in the release.

It’s an interesting way to promote the release, especially considering that this will be the last release for member Takeda Maaya who will be leaving alongside members of Cheeky Parade to study in LA soon.

Knowing that, it’s not surprising to see that the MV focuses on her most of the time, which is a nice way to send her off with the catchy beat in the background.

GEM Fine! fly for the future MV

The flashy lights, the R&B styled sound with the electronic background is sure to have you moving your head alongside the beat. I’ve become a fan of the group with their nice mix of idol vocals and the unique style they have when it comes to sound.

Well recommended for fans of any idol group since it’s catchy!