Yurano Yuno Announces Graduation From Iketeru Hearts

Iketeru Hearts Yurano Yuno

Iketeru Hearts member Yurano Yuno has announced her graduation from the group.

Announced back on the group’s radio show titled TAKE UR HEARTs, mentions how she wanted to stay with the group and perform. However, she has a chronic back condition which caused so much pain that it only gave her one option: graduation.

Her last performance will take place at TSUTAYA O-Crest on June 7th.

While Yurano Yuno is talented, a chronic back condition is something that not surprisingly is pretty hard to deal with. The many hours of dancing each day during practice and performing at concerts all take their toll.

Not surprisingly, graduation seems to have been her only option in order to continue her life as usual without experiencing pain.

For now I encourage everyone in the area to go to her final concert to help support her in her final performance!

Best of luck Yurano Yuno!

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