Dorothy Little Happy’s Shirato Kana Announces Retirement

Dorothy Little Happy Bicolor no Koigokoro

Dorothy Little Happy member Shirato Kana has announced her retirement from show business.

This news comes shortly after the announcement of Kana’s return after going on hiatus as a result of an unknown health condition. Her last performance is scheduled for July 23rd at Shibuya Mt’RAINER.

The official announcement mentions how talks about the future of Dorothy Little Happy have been discussed over a long period of time. As a result of this, the current version for Dorothy Little Happy will be coming to an end.

Their last performance together will be on the same date as Shirato Kana’s graduation. More details about the future of the group will be released soon.

This move comes as a surprise since Dorothy Little Happy has just released an MV for their latest single titled FOR YOUIn fact, they seemed to be well on their way towards resuming their normal activities. However, seeing as how the group has seen a large amount of lineup changes since 2010 it seems like this announcement was bound to happen.

Having performed together for 7 years is no small feat, and even if the group has seen a decline in the past year it seems like both members are already looking toward the future.

I look forward to finding out more about the future activities of Takahashi Mari, but for now best of luck Shirato Kana, we’ll miss you!

Dorothy Little Happy