Dorothy Little Happy’s Shirato Kana Announces Hiatus

Dorothy Little Happy Shirato Kana Hiatus

Dorothy Little Happy member Shirato Kana has announced that she will be on hiatus due to her poor health.

According to the announcement, the hiatus comes as a result of Kana being asked to rest from entertainment activities after feeling unwell. No set amount of time has been announced for the hiatus.

Takahashi Mari will be the sole member of the duo during the hiatus after Ruuna, Mimori, and Koumi left to form callme back in 2015.

This is a rather interesting situation since Dorothy Little Happy is not like many other idol groups. Instead of having new members come in to replace the ones who left, we instead have Mari and Kana carrying on the name of the group.

As expected, this comes with drawbacks since a hiatus turns Dorothy Little Happy into a solo act. Thankfully, it seems like Kana is taking care to rest and her health is being held as priority so I expect that to change soon.

For now, we wish a speedy recovery for Shirato Kana and hope to see her on stage soon!


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