Dorothy Little Happy’s Shirato Kana Returns From Hiatus

Dorothy Little Happy Bicolor no Koigokoro

Dorothy Little Happy member Shirato Kana has announced that she will be resuming activities this April.

Shirato Kana was on hiatus due to poor health. She had initially announced the hiatus to be indefinite until her health improved, leaving Takahashi Mari as the only member of the group.

Her return will take place on April 23rd at an event titled 2017 APRIL Dorothy Teiki Kouen Vol.2 & Vol.3 in Sendai ~Shirato Kana Return LIVE!~.

With a new single in the horizon (For You / Demo Sayonara (Ver 2017) out May 31st), it seems like perfect timing for Kana to make her return.

If you’re in the area make sure to welcome Kana back by going to the event!

Dorothy Little Happy