NECRONOMIDOL’s Imaizumi Rei Announces Solo Debut

Necronomidol Imaizumi Rei

NECRONOMIDOL member Imaizumi Rei has announced her solo debut.

Her debut live titled AI ROCKGIG2020 will take place on June 1st at Shibuya RUIDOK2, with another live happening soon after on June 7th at Shinjuku LOFT.

She confirmed that she will continue to be part of NECRONOMIDOL, so fans of the group can rest easy.

This is great news for Rei since she has just the right look (she’s cute) and personality to fit into a more traditional idol look. In fact, her debut pictures show her cheerily smiling at the camera and showing off an outfit that is surprisingly not black.

More details are sure to come about her debut single, but for now it’s great to see her get some attention, congratulations Imaizumi Rei!

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