palet Changes Group Name To “PALET”, Announce Best Of Album

PALET 5th Anniversary

palet have announced that they will be changing the name of their group to PALET.

Few times in my career as an idol journalist do I get to cover such groundbreaking news. It happened with SILENT SIREN (formerly known as silent siren) and now the trend for all capitals has reached palet, who have embraced it to the shock of fans around the world.

OK, it’s not that much of a change at all but it’s been a slow news week.

Still it’s great to see that PALET are active and are even planning the release of a new best of album titled 5th Anniversary Best ~REGENERATION which will be out July 6th.

We even got a new colorful logo for PALET, which symbolizes their new start after 5 years together and shows their desire to grow bigger as a group by capitalizing everything:

palet new logo 2017

Fans did get a treat in the form of a new MV for their track titled Believe in Yourself! which was not in all capital letters for some reason. It’s linked below and has scenes of the members as they perform in lives together as one to the beat of a catchy upbeat ballad.

Make sure to stay tuned for more info about this new incarnation of PALET!

Believe in Yourself!

PALET REGENERATION 5th Anniversary Best Cover



  1. Fly Away
  2. Ichigo Kibun
  3. Shori no Shiru
  4. Celebration ~Tokimeki Good Time~
  5. Pink no Heart no Kumo
  6. Believe in Yourself!
  7. Keep on Lovin’ You
  10. Time to Change
  11. All for One
  12. Over The Rainbow
  13. Daisuki!! ~Koi no Season~
  14. Shake My Soul 2017