NMB48 Team M party at sundown in the MV for “Pan Pan Papapan”

nmb48 bokou e kaere

NMB48 Team M party at sundown in the MV for Pan Pan Papapan.

Out August 14th, the track is part of NMB48’s 21st single titled Bokou e Kaere!

We’ve indulged in nostalgia for the Bokou e Kaere! MV, and even gone retro for the Gattsuki Girls MV, but there’s still more to enjoy from NMB48’s latest single.

This time, we’re getting an interesting MV featuring NMB48 Team M as they chill around a house at sundown. The scenes are of them just sitting or standing, so the only excitement we’ll get is from the dance shot which appears to take place in a blanket fort. But, the contrast between the song and the scenes we see is pretty interesting.

Pan Pan Papapan is as exciting as the title makes it sound, with a slightly 8-bit feel to the instrumental. It’s packed full of clap effects, excited yells from the members, and piano to make for a delightfully fun release. Apart from the short rap break near the end, the vocals are pretty fun and exciting to listen to and match the fun nature of the song.

It does take some time to grow on you, mainly because of the initial scenes that don’t mix well with the song. But, once the dance shot becomes the main shot it works pretty well to match the energy of the song.

Give it a watch below and grab that copy of their latest single!

Pan Pan Papapan
NMB48 Team M

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