Maison book girl point at each other in the animated MV for “Anshoku no Asa”

maison book girl umbla

Maison book girl point at each other in the animated MV for their track titled Anshoku no Asa.

Out July 31st, the track is part of their latest single titled umbla.

Are you in the mood for some artistic idol music? You’re in luck because Maison book girl has recently released their latest MV and it’s an animated trip. Fair warning, there are no xylophones in this one.

The main draw of the MV is the fact that we get to see the classic “artistic” scenes from the group, but this time they’re animated. From background packed with rain drops, to girls with holes in their head pointing at each other, it’s a series of interesting visuals made by a manga/animation artist who goes by Aini.

The song is pleasant, and has a playful tone that the group is known for. There are no xylophones included, which is pretty unique for this release, but they somehow make it work and the vocals work perfectly with the instruments they chose.

This is an artistic trip down the latest Maison book girl single, so make sure to give it a watch and grab a copy of that single below!

Anshoku no Asa
Maison book girl

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maison book girl umbla cover
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