STU48 “Setouchi no Koe” MV Released


STU48 have released the MV for their debut track titled Setouchi no Koe.

Remember that idol group project that was going to perform only on a boat? STU48 has finally departed from port and is slowly making its way to the hearts of fans around the world with their debut song titled Setouchi no Koe.

Since this is their first appearance, we kick off the MV with a variety of scenes from the audition process. It’s the perfect way to show off the beginning of what will most likely be one of the most unique idol groups right now.

The song Setouchi no Koe is a ballad, which is common with AKB48 groups nowadays. But, it’s the MV that will be the highlight of this release since it introduces the members as they enjoy the beauty of the sea (there’s water in frame during every single second of the MV).

Those who wish to get Setouchi no Koe will have to get the Theater version of AKB48’s 48th single titled Negaigoto no Mochigusare. Unfortunately this means that those of us who can’t get it are out of luck, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see them release their debut single sometime soon.

Thankfully STU48 seems to not be region locked (they’re not landlocked after all since they’re on a ship), but that could change so make sure to check the MV out!

Setouchi no Koe