Bandjanaimon! “Kimemaster” MV Released

Bandjanaimon Kimemaster Kimochi Sankashimasu

Bandjanaimon! have released the MV for their major debut single titled Kimemaster.

Out May 18th, the single will be a double a-side release alongside Kimochi Dake Sankashimasu.

From the start, we’re greeted by colorful animations of the members as they run as manga characters (done by Morouka Toru). While simple, they complement the song well alongside the colorful outfits of the members as they perform on a stage to the beat of the song.

Compared to their previous singles there is a catchier feel to this song that is hard to ignore. The animation was a tad repetitive at times though compared to their previous MV for Kimi no Egao de Sekai ga Yabai.

In a way it reminds me of a much calmer Dempagumi.Inc with random lyrics and fun vocals thrown in with fast paced visuals but I am enjoying it since it’s fairly catchy.

It’s a solid major debut single and one that fans are sure to love so check out the MV and get a copy of that single!

Bandjanaimon Kimemaster Single Cover

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  1. Kimemaster!
  2. Kimochi Dake Sankashimasu。
  3. Kimemaster! ~instrumental~
  4. Kimochi Dake Sankashimasu。 ~instrumental~

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