Shuukan Idol – New Year, New Me Edition (December 24 – 30)

nemoto nagi

In this week’s Shuukan Idol, we have a wide variety of MVs from STU48, Momoiro Clover Z, Up Up Girls (2), and more. Add in an unexpected break from singing from a Juice=Juice member and you have our 7 highlights of the week!


> STU48 show off the beauty of Onomichi in one take for their Kaze o Matsu MV

STU48 had a rocky start but it seems like they’re doing some pretty awesome stuff nowadays. One of them is their MV for their 2nd single, which is a one-shot MV showing off the beautiful city of Onomichi in Hiroshima. There we see the members dance in a flawless shot while a drone flies above them. It’s truly a masterpiece, so make sure to check it out above!

> Momoiro Clover Z go on a road trip for their Sweet Wanderer MV

Momoclo have been releasing digital singles for the past 5 months, and it seems like we’re getting the last one of the bunch this month. Released earlier this week, we get to see the group as they make their way through nature. There’s a story in there somewhere but we came here for the scenes of the members doing cute things, and that we thankfully do get.

> THE BANANA MONKEYS spend a day out promoting in the MV for Ashita

THE BANANA MONKEYS are traditionally associated with over the top promotion stunts to get attention of those curious enough to wander by. Well, their latest MV shows off some of those promotion stunts to the beat of a surprisingly soft ballad. It’s a treat that shows off the remaining two members in a rather calm light, so give it a watch if you can.

> Up Up Girls (2) walk down a path in the MV for OVER DRIVE

After spending all of their budget on fancy wedding dresses, it seems like UUG (2) are showing off their latest MV by taking a walk to the beach. It’s simple, but the over-saturated scenes help set the scene for a rather delightful song. This is the last MV to feature Nakaoki Rin, so make sure to check it out!

> BURST GIRL rock out in a room for their Nancy MV

BURST GIRL are a rather interesting punk idol group and their latest MV is a treat. Nancy shows off a guy with spiked hair playing guitar with his back to the camera, a scene of Yura eating a peanut butter and gelatin sandwich, and a lot of scenes of the members killing themselves to the beat of a chill punk song. Fun.

> Juice=Juice’s Inaba Manaka received vocal chord nodule surgery

Inaba Manaka is the purest idol ever, with her smile being rumored to make even the grumpiest of fans loosen their wallets to buy her merch. Well, it seems that she was unfortunately diagnosed with vocal chord nodules. Good news: the surgery was a success. Bad news: she won’t be singing for a while.

> GANG PARADE get seductively dreamy in the MV for Yoru Kurai Yume

Nothing says seductive like a random group of women doing sexy things while members of GANG PARADE sing in white bathrobes. Yes, it’s that kind of MV and it’s definitely something else. If you’re interested, give it a watch. Just make sure to see it with your back facing a wall to avoid getting caught.


This week we have OS☆U and their one take MV for I say goodbye.

Nothing says going to the movie theater like running into a wide variety of distractions on your way to enjoy a flick. Whether it be random people wearing duck costumes, or a girl fainting outside of a movie theater, it’s something that we all see on a regular basis and can relate to.

But, something that is truly tragic is tripping and having all of our popcorn fall on a conveniently placed blue mat. Hoshino Maria knows that feeling well and as the upbeat song plays, we get to see her go through all of these scenes in a lighthearted trip down this interesting theater.

This one shot style is a treat and matches the fun sound we get to hear from the I say goodbye song that plays through the MV. In fact, the song is truly a delight, with a rather energetic feel to it that is made only better because of the vocals from the members.

For those who want something more, there is a NG shot included as well to help add some variety. From the member who walks in the background of one of the shots, to the popcorn that fails to fall on the mat, it’s a perfect way for fans to see how much work went into this MV. Give it a watch below!

I say good bye

Grab your popcorn and check out the link below for more of their releases:


That’s it for this week, stay tuned for the next one!