GANG PARADE get seductively dreamy in the MV for “Yoru Kurai Yume”

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GANG PARADE get seductively dreamy in the MV for Yoru Kurai Yume..

Out January 8th, 2019, the track is part of their album titled LAST GANG PARADE.

After enjoying a slideshow of the members as kids, GANG PARADE are following up the wholesome MV with one packed full of women doing sexy things. It’s a completely random route to take but one that is expected from a group that belongs to WACK.

Not surprisingly the visuals are what make this MV unique. We get to see the members as they pose and sing while wearing white bathrobes. Not too exciting for the most part, but there are some random scenes thrown in with a group of women who do things such as go to the beach, pose in abandoned places, and act sexy.

While the sexy shots of random women dancing to the beat might not be everyone’s cup of tea, we do get a rather chill song to enjoy throughout the MV. There are a handful of rapping lines thrown in but it’s more of a song that you throw on when you want to relax.

So, this MV might be a hit or miss for many. The song is definitely worth a listen and something that is completely new for GANG PARADE. But, the visuals are too random at times and try a bit too hard to go into the “sexy” side of things. Still, it’s worth a watch if you’re interested in the latest from GANG PARADE!

Yoru Kurai Yume

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