Shuukan Idol – Happy Holidays Edition (December 17 – 23)

zenbu kimi no sei da christmas

In this week’s Shuukan Idol, we have a joyful batch of idol news, including a handful of MVs from Yurumerumo!, GANG PARADE, and predia. Add in some surprise graduations and hiatus announcements and you have our 7 highlights of the week!


> Yurumerumo! Have Colorful Cheeks In The MV For Inochi Atte no Monoda ne

Yurumerumo! are a rather weird idol group. They tend to have pretty unique MVs packed full of color and weird story lines. But, their latest MV is something else. Instead of zombies planting flowers, we get to see the group as they wear decorations on their faces and sing in a field. Nothing too fancy, but still worth a look.

> GANG PARADE Look Back At Their Past In The MV For CAN’T STOP

Have you ever had to endure a long slideshow featuring photos of someone’s baby? Well, the latest MV from GANG PARADE is basically that set to the beat of the latest ballad from this not-idol group. It’s a weird one for sure, but the fact that we get to see photos like this is a treat for many.

> Melon Batake a go go Visit A Cemetery In The MV For SICK IDOLS

Melon Batake a go go consider themselves aliens, and their latest MV is truly a wonderful creation that only beings from another planet could do. It’s packed full of weirdly acted cemetery scenes, a Batman-inspired instrumental, and even some masked idol heroines. It’s a true rockabilly masterpiece!

> predia Get Colorful In The MV For Close to you

predia are among the most talented singers on the scene. Naturally their latest MV is a must-watch. It’s packed full of colorful scenes and even has some pajamas thrown in for good measure. It’s a truly delightful song that you should check out!

> PassCode Visit The Beach In The Lyric MV For It’s you

PassCode are arguably among the best rock idols on the scene. Their music is packed full of energy and screams that fill our ears. So naturally, their music is a perfect fit for a quiet and serene video featuring a beach, a chair, and a girl. It’s arguably an amazing song, but those visuals are something else.

> Keyakizaka46’s Hirate Yurina On Hiatus

Hirate Yurina is often described as the face of Keyakizaka46, with her being the main member in MVs and performances. However, a recent event has lead to her being unable to dance. Thankfully it’s only temporary but it’s something to keep in mind for those who wanted to see her perform.

> Miyazaki Yuka To Graduate From Juice=Juice and Hello! Project

With time, group leaders have to move on so that a new generation can take their place. Well, it seems like it’s time for Juice=Juice’s leader Miyazaki Yuka to pass on the torch. Full details about her graduation are available above, including a video of her speaking more about her decision. We’ll miss you Yuka!


This week we have Younapi and her MV for Hello, See You. Out now, the track is part of her 2nd single titled Welcome to YO(u)NAPI World.

Not many know this but Younapi from Yurumerumo! has a solo career. Yes, in fact she has been doing this for quite some time, with her music having a rather surprising sound to it.

Starting off, the visuals are a delight. They are kind of muted, giving the entire video a rather dreamy appearance. Add in several scenes of her as she walks through the streets in there and you have a truly wonderful release that matches the beat of the song.

So, I’ll start off the song part of the review with a quick disclaimer: Younapi is cute, but her voice is a hit or miss. This song is a great example of that since there are times when her voice sounds pretty nice, matching the tone of the song. But, during the parts that require a high note there is a tad too much there.

Regardless, if you are into dreamy idol pop then you’ll be right at home. In fact, you should check it out below to see what Younapi is capable of!

Hello, See You

Dream your way over to that link below and grab a copy of her single:


That’s it for this week, stay tuned for the next one!