Yurumerumo! Remember The Good Times As Zombies In “Dahlia”

yurumerumo never give up drunk monkeys ep

Yurumerumo! remember the good times as zombies in the MV for Dahlia.

Out now, the track is part of their NEVER GIVE UP DRUNK MONKEYS EP.

There’s too many zombies nowadays, with so many games and movies about them that you can’t help but let out a groan when you see another pop out. But, Yurumerumo! have found a great way to be zombies while still showing off a unique spin on the formula for their latest MV.

Yurumerumo! kick off the MV by hanging out in their apartment where they do zombie things like stealing food from each other and trying to grab a hat from the wall. But, when they see a movie of them planting some dahlia flowers in a conveniently placed projector, they end up going on a car ride and buying some seeds from a zombie cashier to do the same.

It’s a fresh take that shows that idol zombies do cute things even if they do love brains. Speaking of love, the song is traditional Yurumerumo! at its best, which is something that fans are sure to appreciate. Yes, it sounds like most of the songs but the ballad feel makes for a delightful way to enjoy the MV while remembering the good times.

The EP has been out for some time and thankfully Yurumerumo! are still promoting it since it is a pretty solid release from this group. Make sure to grab a copy if you haven’t already after you check out the MV below!


yurumerumo never give up drunk monkeys ep cover