Shuukan Idol – Hey Hey Hey Edition (November 19 – 25)

yuumi shida

In this week’s Shuukan Idol, we have a handful of MV releases from Yurumerumo! SKE48, and ONEPIXCEL. We also have a disbandment of a car-themed idol group, a graduation from Nogizaka46, and a couple of additions to an established Hello! Project group. That and more in our 7 highlights of the group!


> Yurumerumo! Remember The Good Times As Zombies In “Dahlia”

Zombies. They are everywhere and it seems like the latest Yurumerumo! MV is packing in a zombie theme in a rather interesting way. Instead of eating brains we get to see the zombie members as they plant some flowers and sing to a ballad in their own way. It’s a touching release that has zombies included, that alone is sure to get the attention of many.

> Nogizaka46’s Hina Kawago Is Graduating From The Group

Hina Kawago has been with the group for 7 years, so it’s not surprising to see that she has decided to leave the group. Nogizaka46 is a group that has had a rather turbulent past few months and this graduation is the latest in the series but Kawago seems pretty determined so I wish her the best of luck!

> Ange☆Reve Cook Up Some Beats In The MV For “Itoshi Love”

Nothing says love like cooking for your darling and singing along to a rock-styled song that is pretty awesome. Yes, Ange Reve are back for another release and the result is an MV that is pretty adorable while being a solid release for this group. Enjoy it above!

> ANGERME Adds 2 New Members

ANGERME are losing Wada Ayaka soon, but it seems like she is preparing the group for success with the announcement that there would be 2 new members being added to the lineup. They were finally revealed a few days ago so check out that post above for more details about them. Welcome to the group!

> SKE48 Hey Hey Hey Their Way Into Our Hearts In The MV For “Stand by you”

Hey hey hey hey. Once you see the latest SKE48 MV you’ll understand that last sentence. Despite that, the MV is packed with amazing scenes of the members as they dance in a class, and the song is pretty awesome. But, that chorus is something else.

> ONEPIXCEL Strut Their Stuff Around The City In The MV For “Girl’s Don’t Cry”

ONEPIXCEL are enjoying an amazing surge of popularity and they are coming back with another single that is packed with a lot of walking. Yes, the MV is a bit on the meh side but the lighting is done relatively well. The song is a treat for those who wish to see ONEPIXCEL do something a bit more mature, so check it out above!

> Sakidori Hasshinkyoku Are Disbanding

This sucks. Sakidori Hasshinkyoku was a breath of fresh air in the world of idol. They had fun and exciting songs, they had the best idol ever (Miyu), and even had a car theme going on that I never understood. But, unfortunately everything has to end and the time has come for them to go their separate ways. Full details are available above, we’ll miss you Sakidori!


This week we have COLOR’z and their MV for FUTURE ROUTE.

COLOR’z are a group I’ve heard in passing but never actually had a chance to listen to their music. Thankfully, that’s changing today when we check out their latest MV.

So, is it good?

Absolutely. Wow, I should have listened to them before.

First off, the MV has a song that is packed with passionate singing combined with a heavy rock instrumental. Yes, the instrumental drowns out the vocals at times but it’s generally a song that is sure to please fans from all over. Are you into rock idols? You’ll love it. Are you into traditional idols? You’ll love it. Are you on the fence between the two? You’ll love it.

Visually it’s packed full of variety. There are scenes of them singing while getting some flower petals raining on them. There are also other scenes of them dancing while wearing furry boots and even some calm scenes of them singing from bright rooms. It all goes together perfectly, like peanut butter and chocolate.

If you want to enjoy an amazing song, make sure to check out the MV below!


Watch out for those rose petals below and make sure to wear your fluffy boots when clicking on that link below to grab some of their releases:


That’s it for this week, stay tuned for the next one!