ANGERME Adds 2 New Members

angerme 2 new members

ANGERME has added 2 new members to their lineup.

The 2 new members are:

oota haruka angerme

Oota Haruka

  • Born October 21, 2003
  • From Hokkaido
  • Hobbies: Cooking and finding a bargain
  • Special skills: Dancing, swimming, skiing

ise reira angerme

Ise Reira

  • Born January 19, 2004
  • From Hokkaido
  • Hobbies: Takarazuka appreciation, Tabe-aruki
  • Special skill: Dancing

Detail source: Amped @ Jplop

When leader Wada Ayaka announced to members that there would be new members announced soon, everyone got hyped. Wada Ayaka is leaving ANGERME in 2019, so this move seems like a great way to round out the lineup before she goes and thankfully the rather short wait is finally over.

For the most part the 2 new members seem like they fit in perfectly. They are both newcomers but the fact that they are both fans of dancing is sure to give the group a nice boost in that department. Add in the fact that they are both from Hokkaido and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better duo for this group.

Details for the next ANGERME single are not available but I’m sure that they are sure to be a powerhouse duo in the coming months. Welcome to the group Oota and Ise!


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