Sakidori Hasshinkyoku Are Disbanding

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Sakidori Hasshinkyoku have announced that they will be disbanding.

According to the official notice, the result to disband came after several talks with members and staff about the future of members who wanted to dedicate themselves to studying.

There will be an announcement done in the future regarding which members will continue as artists and those who will retire from the entertainment business.

Their final performance as a group is set for December 28th.

Sakidori Hasshinkyoku are among the most unique idol groups in recent times. Their music is incredibly catchy, with a fun beat that fans around enjoyed with a smile. In fact, I would place them in my list of favorite idol groups simply because of how fun they were (also because I’m biased for Miyu). Unfortunately, it seems like the time has come for us to say goodbye to this talented group.

Yes it’s a sad occasion, but thankfully we have their music to enjoy and a month or so of performances before they go their separate ways. If you’re in the area I highly encourage you to check out their final performance.

Thank you for everything Sakidori Hasshinkyoku!