Shuukan Idol – Packed Weekend Edition (November 12 – 18)

muropanako bis

In this week’s Shuukan Idol, we have a handful of graduations from AKB48 and Avandoned. But, we also get a rather impressive amount of MVs from Rock A Japonica, Last Idol, Maison book girl, as well as a couple of other happy news for fans to enjoy. That and more in our 7 highlights of the week!


> Rock A Japonica rock the house in virtual reality for their MUGEN MV

What would you do if you had a VR chair that is able to project you in a variety of unique sets? If you’re Rock A Japonica then you’d probably end up messing around with it as your fellow members try and sing. Yes, it’s time to take a trip into the wild world of virtual reality with Rock A Japonica, so check out that MV above!

> Yes Happy! dance the night away in the MV for TOMONIODORE

Yes Happy! are a couple of happy idols. If you need an example of that then you’re in luck because they released a simple, upbeat MV for fans to enjoy. What it lacks in special effects it more than makes up for through the many scenes of them smiling in front of a city skyline. It’s simple idol goodness in a nutshell!

> Last Idol fight with swords in the MV for Ai Shika Buki ga Nai

Fighting idols with swords are always cool. But, having a giant complex structure behind them and a dark ruffly outfit makes it even cooler. Thankfully we get both of them in the latest Last Idol MV that is also the debut release for the 2nd generation of the group. Get ready to fight in slow motion in the MV linked above!

> Avandoned’s Kotori Kotao is graduating, new member auditions announced

Well, this sucks. Avandoned has been the art idol duo that fans can rely on for fun music that is just quirky enough to make you question your sanity. Unfortunately, it seems like one of the members, Kotao, has decided to leave in order to focus on her art. Full details are available above but there’s an even more in-depth post over at Homicidols that is well worth a look as well.

> Maison book girl go full red and blue for their Semai Monogatari MV

Yes, it’s time for more xylophones. Maison book girl are striking back just in time to remind fans that they are releasing a new album soon with an MV packed full of red and blue. The MV is as artistic as you can already imagine, so make sure to enjoy the artistic shots above!

> AKB48’s Nozawa Rena will graduate from the group

Nozawa Rena might be a bit of a newcomer for many AKB48 fans and with good reason. She started her journey in the ’48 family 8 years ago, but she barely made the move to AKB48 back in 2014. Well, it seems like she has decided that it’s time to leave. More details are available above. Best of luck Rena!

> =LOVE are getting a sister group

Sister groups are always nice additions to any popular idol group, and it seems like =LOVE are finally getting one of their own. Details are scarce but it’s safe to say that we are in for some more music from the masterminds behind =LOVE (aka Sashihara Rino).


This week we have petit milady and their MV for Howling!!. Out December 19th, the track is part of their 5th album of the same name.

Petit Milady are a duo of adorable idols who usually release music that is incredibly sweet and perfect for animes. Well, this time they’re spreading their wings and trying out a new genre by going for a song packed full of rock. It’s a unique song that works well with their vocals to make for a rather impressive release.

You can’t have a heavy rock release without visuals that are hardcore and intense and thankfully we get that in the form of giant bee outfits. You might think that bees are adorable but nothing is as adorable as a couple of cute idols singing their hearts out while a band plays behind them.

Is this the next BiS rival? Absolutely not, but it’s a fun distraction from the overly sweet releases that they are known for. Check out this fun rock release from the adorable idols below!

petit milady

Grab your bee outfit and also a copy of their latest album below:


That’s it for this week, stay tuned for the next one!