AKB48’s Nozawa Rena Will Graduate From The Group

akb48 nozawa rena

AKB48 member Nozawa Rena has announced that she will be graduating from the group.

Announced through a video called Nozawa Rena no NOZAWORLD Traveler, she shares the news of her graduation to both Japanese and fans overseas. In the video, she comments that she needs to become an adult and she finally has the power to make the choice to do what is best for AKB48.

Her graduation date has not been scheduled, but her last handshake event is scheduled for May 6, 2019.

Nozawa Rena is a unique member within AKB48. She has been one of the few members who can speak fluent English which has allowed her to bridge the gap with fans overseas in a way not many others can do. In fact, she even took the time to write a graduation letter in English which is incredibly touching (that penmanship is amazing by the way):

Yes, graduations are not fun, but it’s expected that as time goes on members decide that it’s time for them to see what is out there apart from the idol life. Instead of feeling sad about the fact that she is graduating I’m sure we can all remember the good times and enjoy the memories that she has built in the past 8 years.

The video with her graduation announcement is linked below, with her announcement starting at 4:08. We still have quite some time until she graduates so make sure to go to events and cheer her on as she takes her next step in life. Best of luck Rena!