Rock A Japonica Rock The House In Virtual Reality For Their “MUGEN” MV

rock a japonica mugen

Rock A Japonica rock the house in the MV for their 5th single titled MUGEN.

Out December 12th, the single will be released in 6 editions.

Living out your fantasies can be hard to do in real life. Well, Rock A Japonica have a solution and it comes courtesy of a mysterious chair with a helmet attached to it. Yes, we’re going sci-fi for this release and the result is a wonderfully weird MV.

We get to see them perform in flowery outfits while singing sweet vocals, rap their way in front of giant shapes, and even sing from behind a fence. It’s an adorable mess and it’s made even more fun because of the vaporwave visuals that start appearing in the final half of the MV.

It’s hard to follow but if you’re a fan of fun songs then you’ll be pleased with this release. Grab your helmet and get ready to enjoy one of the most unique MVs that Rock A Japonica has released!

Rock A Japonica

rock a japonica mugen cover limited


rock a japonica mugen cover uchiyama
Uchiyama Ver


Now Printing
Naito Edition


Now Printing
Shiina Edition


Now Printing
Takai Edition


Now Printing
Hirase Edition


 Rock A Japonica MUGEN OHP


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