Yes Happy! Dance The Night Away In The MV For “TOMONIODORE”

yes happy tomoniodore

Yes Happy! dance the night away in the MV for TOMONIODORE.

Out November 20th, the single will be released in one edition.

We’ve seen a lot of MVs that have high budgets. From giant structures of rope to MVs packed to the brim with green screen, it’s no surprise to see who dominates the idol scene. But, sometimes you have to go back to your roots and check out some idol groups who may not be as mainstream as others.

Enter Yes Happy!, one of the happiest idol duos on the scene who are talented but don’t have quite the reach of other idols. But, they’re changing that by releasing one of the happiest ballads and it’s a treat for fans everywhere. There are no expensive sets or elaborate outfits, just a couple of idols who dance the night away in front of a city at night.

It’s simple, but the scenes of them dancing and smiling are adorable, going perfectly with the music. The music has a light and fun beat to it, making for a song that is sure to be remembered by many. Most of the MV follow that theme, but there are a handful of scenes that change it up just enough to give us some variety.

If you’re a fan of this upbeat release, make sure to check it out below and grab a copy to show your support!

Yes Happy!

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