Momoiro Clover Z go on a road trip for their “Sweet Wanderer” MV

momoiro clover z sweet wanderer cover

Momoiro Clover Z go on a road trip for their Sweet Wanderer MV.

Out now, the track is available digitally on Spotify, iTunes, and more.

Nothing marks an end to the year and a long streak of digital releases like a well deserved ballad packed with beautiful notes and visuals. Thankfully, that’s what we get in the latest Momoiro Clover Z MV.

Starting us off we get to see the members as they go on a road trip and start enjoying some time out in nature while also relaxing and eating some delicious food. There is a slight story in between the scenes, but it’s for the most part a chill MV that fans are sure to appreciate because it’s packed full of scenes of the members simply enjoying time out in nature.

As for the song, the beat is funky, which is a surprise since it appears to be a simple ballad at first. The instrumental starts showing off some of that funk shortly after the vocals play which is truly a delight since it adds some nice variety in there. The vocals especially add in a nice touch that only Momoclo can do, especially with the rap vocals that play during the bridge, making this a truly stellar release.

It’s simple but the simplicity is what makes this release so appealing. Make sure to check out this release to send off the year with a smile!

Sweet Wanderer
Momoiro Clover Z

momoiro clover z sweet wanderer cover

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