THE BANANA MONKEYS spend a day out promoting in the MV for “Ashita”

the banana monkeys

THE BANANA MONKEYS spend a day out promoting in the MV for Ashita.

THE BANANA MONKEYS are pretty notorious due to their many interesting ways of promoting their group. Whether, they’re brushing the teeth of a random shirtless guy in a mirrored car, or leaving money on the floor, they’re a pretty interesting group of performers.

Well, they just released a new MV showing off the now duo as they do random acts of promotion throughout the city. The scenes are pretty tame compared to their other releases but it’s nice to see the two as they use cardboard to sleep outside, eat sushi, and walk down the streets of the city with fans.

This is my first THE BANANA MONKEYS song, and surprisingly it’s a ballad so I might not be getting the full “BANMON” experience. However, this is a pretty well done release for the most part. The vocals play nicely with the instrumental, making for a nice trip throughout the MV.

While this might not be the typical THE BANANA MONKEYS release, it is a great look at the many often extravagant ways that they promote their group. For now, check out the MV below and throw it a like if you’re inclined!