Shuukan Idol – BiS lives … again edition (June 10 – 16)

haga akane morning musume

In this week’s Shuukan Idol, we have a mix of MVs from Dai Dai Dai, Malcolm Mask McLaren, BiSH, and AKB48. Add in a couple of new members announcements for Juice=Juice, a new lineup for BiS, and more for our 8 highlights of the week!


> AKB48 do a redo and add in Matsui Jurina in the MV for Sentimental Train

Remember back when Matsui Jurina was on hiatus that they promised to remake the MV when she came back? Well, it’s time for that updated MV and it’s basically an alternate version of an incomplete release that we got a while back. It’s a weird situation but give the MV a watch to get a taste of what the real MV should have looked like.

> Dai Dai Dai show us a day in their lives for their Kuchi Utsushi Utsukushi MV

Dai Dai Dai are among my favorite idol groups, mainly due to their unique way of doing idol stuff. Their latest MV is a great example of this, with scenes showing a day in the lives of the members – without the members. It’s a weird one, but hey, the song is pretty awesome since it has the glitchy electronic sound we know and love.

> 22/7 are releasing a new single titled Nani mo Shite Agerarenai

22/7 are a group that I haven’t had a chance to get into. But, that might change with the announcement of a new single. Nothing too exciting has been revealed apart from a full lineup being featured in the song but it’s still a cool plus for fans. Get hyped!

> Check out the new Juice=Juice members

Juice=Juice have been going through a lot, with the announcement of their leader Miyazaki Yuka’s graduation looming overhead for some time. Thankfully, they are using the situation to spice up their lineup with a couple of new members. And the winners are …. in the post above, check it out!

> Ange☆Reve hit the pool in the chill MV for Summer☆Love

Bikini MVs are pretty much the norm when the weather starts heating up. But, wearing bikinis is not everything in life. Ange☆Reve are showing off an MV where they have fun by the poolside and do normal things that you and I can do. It’s a light-hearted release that will get you excited to go out … and then go back in because it’s too hot outside.

> Malcolm Mask McLaren do edgy stuff in a wrecked parking lot for their The Idiot’s Song MV

Sometimes, all you need in life is to enjoy some easycore. Well, MMM have you covered with a song that continues their unique sound with an MV that packs in a variety of scenes of them being rebels. They light fires, sing in the middle of a destroyed parking lot, and generally do cool things we wish we could do. It’s a nice release and a recommended one if you need some hard music!

> BiSH dance in a red desert for their DiSTANCE MV

BiSH are the gem of the WACK empire, and their latest release solidifies them as one of the idol scene’s strongest groups. Imagine a giant desert where the members are singing their lines as a variety of artsy visual effects are added in. It’s a masterpiece of an MV, so give it a watch above!

> Check out the new BiS lineup

BiS have had a weird history. There have been 2 full lineups that have come and gone, and all of the founding members have left. It’s a tricky situation, made even trickier because the last BiS lineup all quit at once. Well, surprise! BiS is back, and they’re doing what they’ve done 2 times already by re-re-releasing their debut album with new members. Get a preview of what they look like above.


This week we have a bit of a change for the Encore section with a digest for Burst Girl’s latest mini album titled RIOT. Out June 19th, the mini album will be released in 1 edition.

Digests are usually not that appealing for many since it’s usually a picture with a track sample playing on top. Pretty boring for the most part, and not worth a watch. But, Burst Girl have gone a step beyond and done a pretty good job with the digest for their upcoming mini-album by adding in a boxing theme to the mix.

In it, we get to see the members as they box against the camera. It’s pretty nice theme and one that is made even better by the fact that the members start getting bruises and fall to the floor with each song. There are a handful of other scenes added in there of the members looking cool after getting beat up by nothing, making for a fun and quirky release.

Is this a sign that the album is so cool that it will beat you up as you listen to it? Hopefully not, but what we do know is that all of the songs sound amazing and are a true delight for those who love some punk idol in their life. Give it a watch below and grab a copy of that mini album!

RIOT (Digest)
Burst Girl

Put on your boxing gloves and click on that link below to grab that mini-album:

cdjapan affiliate

That’s it for this week stay tuned for more!