Matsui Jurina No Longer Participating In AKB48’s 53rd Single

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Matsui Jurina will no longer be taking part in the release of AKB48‘s 53rd single titled Sentimental Train.

According to the announcement by King Records, the decision to not have Matsui Jurina take part of the release was a difficult one to do. However, her poor health made it difficult to record her parts of the single on time to meet deadlines. Instead of delaying the single, they decided to release the single without her.

They did comment that the decision was a difficult one to do since fans had chosen her as center for this release. In fact, they had set up separate filming and recording sessions for Matsui Jurina in the hope that she would recover in time. However, her health did not improve in time.

King Records mentioned that they hope to re-record the song and music video in the future with her in it when she recovers. Those who bought the CD will be able to use the serial number to access this new track and MV when they’re released.

Sentimental Train is set to be released on September 19th.

It’s a difficult situation when the main singer of a single needs time to recover from poor health. However, I am glad to see that instead of postponing the single or making her record her lines with her in poor health they decided to go on and make the single without her.

Yes, it’s a sad announcement but the fact that we will be getting a new song and MV with her in it when she recovers is a nice touch.

Hope you get well soon Matsui Jurina!


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