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bis 3rd lineup

BiS have announced the 3rd lineup of the group.

The members are:

After kicking off 2 members off the group and in turn causing the entire group to quit at once, BiS has been on a standstill for some time. Thankfully that’s changing today with the announcement of all-new members.

As you might have noticed, they are sporting the classic BiSH “zombie idol” look complete with red eyes and a bleeding nose. You might be asking yourself, why there are no full face reveals. Well, there’s a reason why, and it involves the WACK tradition of gaining enough Twitter followers to see their faces.

This time, their faces will be revealed once they gain 15,000 followers. As of now, all of the members have more than 6,000 followers so that goal should be reached soon enough. In fact, I expect the goal to be reached by the end of the week since everyone appears to be pretty hyped about the new lineup.

Personally, I’m partial to MUSENSHiTEEBU so far because she resembles AiNA THE END. But, every member does seem to have a look that fits in with the group. CHANTMONKEE especially.

If you’re looking forward to hearing them sing then you’re in luck since there will be a debut album titled Brand-new Idol Society which will be released on August 14th. The title is a callback to the original debut album, which is a nice touch and also bound to be a bit confusing later on.

For now, welcome to the new BiS lineup and follow their Twitter accounts below!

Twitter accounts

TOGGY Twitter | MANAKO CHii MANAKO Twitter

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