Shuukan Idol – Slow Week Edition (June 3 – 9)


In this week’s Shuukan Idol, we have a relatively calm week with a handful of MV releases from RHYMEBERRY, EMPiRE, and Chuning Candy. Add in a surprise addition to the AKB48 family and a departure from HKT48 for our 5 highlights of the week!


> RHYMEBERRY relive the memories in their final MV for Thing for you

RHYMEBERRY have been doing the idol thing for quite some time, but unfortunately it seems like they’ve decided to call it quits as of the end of May. In honor of their disbandment, they’ve released a final MV and it’s a touching tribute packed full of live performances. Thanks for everything RHYMEBERRY!

Side note: If you focus hard enough, the line “wish I could” sounds like “recycle”. 

> EMPiRE dance in Budapest for their SUCCESS STORY MV

EMPiRE are among my favorite groups, simply because they edge a bit more on the idol side while still retaining that edgy WACK origin. So after strapping themselves Mad Max style to cars, what are they up to now? They’re dancing in front of a palace in Budapest to a funky song. Pretty simple for the group but hey, I’ll take it.

> Chuning Candy spend some time together in the MV for 19 – nineteen –

Growing up is a hard thing to do, especially because it often involves losing touch with friends we’ve had for life. Well, Chuning Candy are using that theme for their latest MV and it’s a touching one. The song is packed full of K-pop goodness mixed in with some sweet scenes of the members reuniting after living a normal life. It’s a must see!

> AKB48 are launching another group in Thailand called CGM48

AKB48 are continuing their plan to dominate the world with idols by expanding even more into Thailand. Fans already had BNK48, but this is sure to be a great addition as they slowly but surely dominate the world through idol power. Look forward to more from CGM48!

> HKT48’s Kodama Haruka announces her graduation, will join Avex as an actress

Kodama Haruka has been on hiatus for quite some time, and we’ve finally got news about her. So, good news: she’s going to be active again. Bad news: she’s graduating from HKT48 and becoming an actress with avex. It’s a bittersweet announcement, but one that appears to have been done with care. Best of luck Haruka!


This week we have Oomori Seiko and her MV for Re: Re: Love. Out June 12th, the single will be released in 3 editions.

Oomori Seiko is pretty active in the music scene. Sure, she doesn’t go overboard like Momoiro Clover Z did for their latest album but she does have a steady stream of new music for fans to enjoy.

Take her latest MV for example, where we get to see her team up with Mineta Kazunobu from GING NANG BOYZ. It’s a somewhat simple MV since it involves her chilling in an apartment while Mineta plays a guitar, plays a piano, and more. The scenes match the intense punk music that plays, making for a delightful treat for those who like Oomori Seiko when she has that tone.

That’s the normal part of the MV, since there’s also a break in there with her fighting with Mineta about a card that she found in his wallet. It’s a sweet story of love and reconciliation that happens in less than 10 minutes, which is a bit out of nowhere but hey, it’s Seiko so we’ll roll with it.

It’s a bit messy to call it a pop song but if you like high energy and punk you will adore it. Check it out below and get ready for a weird trip down Seiko’s mind!

Re: Re: Love
Oomori Seiko

Jump around and check out the link below for a link to Oomori Seiko’s latest releases:

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That’s it for this week, stay tuned for the next one!