RHYMEBERRY relive the memories in their final MV for “Thing for you”

rhymeberry thing for you

RHYMEBERRY relive the memories in their final MV for Thing for You.

Out since April 10th, the track is part of their last mini-album.

It’s a sad occasion since RHYMEBERRY are no more. The hip hop idol group announced their disbandment recently and unfortunately they went their separate ways at the end of May. The good news is that the disbandment wasn’t done out of bad faith, and simply as a chance for the members to try new things in life.

So how can we celebrate their legacy? With an MV packed full of live scenes of the members doing what they do best: sing. That’s exactly what we get here, with an MV packed full of fun scenes of the members at concerts, appearances, and practicing backstage. It’s a beautiful reminder of their legacy and a great way to celebrate what they did.

Naturally, Thing for you is a bittersweet release. It’s a song that has a catchy sound to it with the rap vocals we know and love. There is a lingering sad note you can feel throughout the release, but honestly it’s the perfect send off to this great group.

That being said it’s still an awesome song and a bittersweet reminder of how awesome RHYMEBERRY were. In fact, they continue to be a unique group. Idol hip hop music is rare, so having them be among the most notable groups in the scenes was a breath of fresh air.

There isn’t much we can do but relive their music and wish them the best in their future. Thanks for everything RHYMEBERRY!

Thing for you

rhymeberry thing for you cover

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