BiS are disbanding, auditions announced for a new lineup

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BiS have announced that the current lineup will be “disbanding”.

The sudden announcement was announced by the members during a performance at WACK EXHiBiTiON. An official notice was soon put up on the BiS site that stated that all 9 members of BiS had decided to “dissolve” the group.

New auditions have already started for an all new BiS lineup. Girls aged 18-28 are encouraged to apply, with an initial deadline set for April 15th. The current BiS lineup will disband on May 11th.

So, this happened.

Details are scarce about what exactly caused all members of BiS to suddenly decide to end the group, but when an entire lineup decides to quit it doesn’t look good for Watanabe.

There are fan rumors going around about this being related to a recent audition boot camp where 2 BiS members (Toriaez Hana and Aya Eight Prince) were kicked out of the group. Instead of going on without them, the rest of BiS appears to have decided to leave all at once. This seems to be the most likely reason for the disbandment, but take it with a grain of salt until it’s officially verified.

It’s unknown if the 9 soon-to-be-former BiS members will remain in WACK, but I wouldn’t count on it at the moment. After all, collectively deciding to end a group doesn’t put you too high up on WACK’s VIP list.

Best of luck Go Zeela, Kika Front Frontale, Peri Ubu, Aya Eight Prince, Pan Luna Leafy, Toriaez Hana, Mewclub, Muro Panako, and YUiNA EMPiRE!

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