Malcolm Mask McLaren do edgy stuff in a wrecked parking lot for their “The Idiot’s Song” MV

malcolm mask mclaren the idiots song

Malcolm Mask McLaren do edgy stuff in a parking lot for their The Idiot’s Song MV.

Out June 19th, the single will be released in 1 edition.

Malcolm Mask McLaren have been pleasing fans with their easycore idol music for some time now, but it has been a while since we last heard of them. Well, they’re back with a single that has a pretty interesting name: The Idiot’s Song.

Most of the MV features the group as they go around wrecking TVs, lighting spray cans on fire, and other cool stuff that the kids nowadays would call edgy. All kidding aside, it’s a pretty well done MV showing off the members enjoying themselves in a more lively way when compared to their LaLaLa MV which was a bit more chill.

The Idiot’s Song has the classic Malcolm Mask McLaren sound that we know and love. The instrumental is heavy and powerful, with the vocals from the members having a touch of softness to round out the harsh sound. It’s lighthearted with a sound that will make any fan of heavier music happy.

Grab your bat and get ready to enjoy a masterpiece from Malcolm Mask McLaren!

The Idiot’s Song
Malcolm Mask McLaren

malcolm mask mclaren the idiots song cover

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