Dai Dai Dai show us a day in their lives for their “Kuchi Utsushi Utsukushi” MV

dai dai dai kuchi utsushi utsukushi

Dai Dai Dai show us a day in their lives for their new single titled Kuchi Utsushi Utsukushi.

Out July 10th, the single will be released in 1 edition.

Have you ever wondered what the members of Dai Dai Dai look like? Well, you’ll have to continue wondering because their latest MV shows off everything but their faces. It’s a unique theme but it’s interesting how they manage to make the MV so intriguing and yet so simple.

So what do we see? POV scenes of the members as they go around in their daily lives, eating pudding while slightly out of frame, petting dogs, and recording ducks. Add in some random blurry scenes of the members performing on stage and you have a good idea of what to expect.

It’s random, but it fits the theme of the song perfectly. It’s a ballad with a mix of electronic glitches added in for good measure so if you’re into slower songs you’ll be good. Kuchi Utsushi Utsukushi is definitely more idol-ish when compared to their previous release, so those who lean towards the traditional idol sound will be happy.

It’s a weird video, but hey Dai Dai Dai are a pretty weird group. Make sure to check out their latest MV below!

Kuchi Utsushi Utsukushi
Dai Dai Dai

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